Ivana Stevens

Ivana has been participating in Ukrainian Dance since she was just a young girl.  She learned the basics with both Kvitka and Zirka under the tutelage of many talented instructors.  Along with instructing and continuing to dance in the Senior group, Ivana has also taken on the role of Performance Coordinator for the 2016-2017 season.  Ivana prides herself being a life-long learner, and looks forward to teaching and encouraging Kvitka's up and coming dancers to new and exciting places.

Larissa Trafananko 

After dancing for 21 years with Kvitka, it seemed only natural for Larissa to follow in her mother's footsteps and teach for the Kvitka Dancers. She has travelled to Ukraine, where she was able to learn about the regions and was able to pick up new steps and teaching techniques. She hopes to travel back, gaining even more experience. Though the transition of dancer to instructor was a difficult one, she is excited for what the future has in store for Kvitka with her at the wheel. She is honoured to be apart of such an amazing school full of culture and history.